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Our Story

From cherished family traditions to tables around the world, Madame Kimchi is on a mission to become the top choice for authentic Korean kimchi worldwide. Our founder, Chesun Lee, a dedicated mother of two and a fervent advocate for the rich flavours and cultural heritage of Korea, established Madame Kimchi in Montreal with a clear vision: to share the savoury, vibrant taste of traditional Korean kimchi with the entire world, starting with her local community.

Our kimchi draws on a legacy of 1,500 years, standing as a testament to the enduring appeal and cultural significance of this staple in Korean cuisine. At Madame Kimchi, we don’t just create kimchi; we craft an experience, ensuring each batch is a harmonious blend of bold flavours and health benefits, including fibre, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics.

We are committed to maintaining the authenticity and artisanal quality of our kimchi, using family recipes passed down through generations. Yet, we are also innovators, constantly exploring new ways to share our passion for Korean cuisine with a global audience.

Madame Kimchi is more than just a brand, we deliver the unparalleled taste of Korea to every corner of the globe, one jar at a time.


Join us on our journey, and taste the difference that comes from a true love and respect for Korean culinary traditions.

Image by Portuguese Gravity
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