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Kimchi Workshop by Madame Kimchi

Join us at Madame Kimchi’s for a 2-hour Fermentation Workshop, where the art and science of making kimchi come to life! Here’s how our time together will unfold: Warm Welcome and Cultural Introduction (Duration: 15 minutes) Arrive at our cozy kitchen and kick off the session with a warm introduction and a soothing cup of Korean tea. Immerse yourself in the rich history and cultural significance of Kimchi fermentation, as I share stories and insights. Hands-On Kimchi Making (Duration: 1 hour) Dive into the hands-on experience, as we prepare the ingredients together. Learn two different methods of making Kimchi – the traditional way and a unique non-traditional approach. Traditional Method: We’ll start by preparing brined cabbage. Non-traditional Method: Get ready to cut and brine the cabbage yourself. Customize your Kimchi’s spiciness to suit your taste and discover how to safely ferment it at home. Kimchi Pancake Cooking and Tasting (Duration: 30 minutes) After crafting your Kimchi, join me in making delicious Kimchi pancakes. Savor the flavors of your hard work as we eat together, creating a sense of community and shared accomplishment. Wrap-Up and Take-Home Gifts (Duration: 15 minutes) As our time comes to an end, leave not just with your jar of Kimchi and a recipe leaflet, but also with new friendships. All necessary tools, including two 500ml jars, will be provided. Feel free to bring an apron or T-shirt to protect your clothes. Important Notes: The Kimchi prepared contains fish sauce and shrimp paste. If you have allergies or dietary restrictions, please inform us in advance for adjustments. For our vegan friends, do let us know beforehand so we can make the necessary recipe accommodations. What’s Included: All required tools, including two 500ml jars. Korean tea to welcome you and Kimchi pancakes to delight your taste buds. A jar of your handmade Kimchi and a recipe leaflet to continue your fermentation journey at home. A newfound skill in Kimchi-making. The opportunity to enjoy and share your handmade Kimchi with family and friends. A deeper appreciation and love for Korean culture and cuisine. Have any questions or concerns? Please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to ensure you have a memorable and enriching experience at Madame Kimchi’s Fermentation Workshop!

Upcomoing Workshop

Pricing and Cancellation Policy

Hey there, Kimchi Enthusiast! We're super excited to have you on board for a fantastic fermentation adventure. Here at Madame Kimchi’s Workshop, we believe in the magic of community and the joy of kimchi-making, and we’ve cooked up three fabulous pricing options to ensure everyone can join the fun. Pick the one that feels just right for you! 1. 🤗 Community Supported Price: $50 - Join the Kimchi Collective! This is the go-to choice for many of our friends! When you select this option, you’re helping to cover all the nitty-gritty costs, from those fresh and tasty ingredients to all the materials we’ll need to create kimchi magic together. Plus, you’re playing a key role in keeping our community vibrant and thriving. We can’t thank you enough! 2. 💚 Subsidized Price: $30 - Become a Kimchi Comrade! On a bit of a budget? No worries! Whether you're a student, facing financial hurdles, or just need a little financial wiggle room right now, this rate is here for you. We believe in kimchi fo

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  • Marché Atwater, Atwater Avenue, Montreal, QC, Canada


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